Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Amusing Exchange

So apparently today was one of those "Discover USC" days--where clueless high schoolers visit campus, take tours, learn about the programs, etc. I had no idea this was going on today until I trekked to campus to meet a friend for lunch, and was bombarded with crowds.

The perk of all the high schoolers was that all the restaurants in the Campus Center were open. Usually on the weekends, select restaurants are open at certain times. There's always something open, but the selection is smaller than normal. However, the con of having these high schoolers visiting was that the lines were insanely long.

So I'm headed away from the insanity to find my friend when I spot someone out of the corner of my eye: a kid I knew from PYT way back when. I said hello, how are you, are you checking out the campus, good things like that. And then his mom asked if I was going to apply to USC as well.


Apparently I still look like a senior in high school.

And yes, I know in twenty years I'll appreciate this fact, when I'm still getting carded and all my friends are getting senior discounts. I'm not complaining at all--I actually found it rather funny in the moment. But still, it's a little discouraging to know that you look like you're about to graduate high school when you're about to graduate college.

Oh well. So be it!

Off to research potential colleges---er, I mean, POST-GRADUATION JOBS.

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