Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reasons Why Today is a Good Day

1) I won a dollar in my musical theatre class for being able to name the most Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. Silly, yes, but exciting nonetheless!

2) Had a sub in for our theatre in education class. I had tried to do the reading for the class but only got through half of it, so I was worried that it'd be really boring. But it was actually fascinating and I definitely feel a lot more inquisitive about education in general. And I'm excited to discuss it again on Tuesday.

3) Set up an interview meeting for my internship midterm, which had been weighing on my mind a bit (get it done, Katherine, just get it done!). So there's a load off my back.

4) I got a little solo in my choir class! For a more belty-number, which is rather exciting. Not huge by any means (it's choir class, not solo-class) but I'm excited nevertheless. And this is after we did a couple of quartets testing if people knew the music. Only 2 groups went up... and of course I was one of them. And it was a part I knew. Yet I got it wrong... but I know it! And I never get it wrong when we actually sing together. My nerves got ahead of me. The funny thing is, the teacher corrected me after and I said "I know it, I swear," and all the girls in front of me nodded. So clearly they hear me... and they hear that I do it correctly most of the time.

Yes. I sing loud. I admit it! But it's good, I'd say.

5) We celebrated someone's birthday in choir today... which meant WE GOT CAKE. YUMMY!!

6) I did a marketing research lab for my marketing class today. Super simple, mostly just quizzes for opinions, nothing exciting. But one of the labs was for soda brands which meant we got to drink sodas. And I haven't had a ton of soda recently (trying to cut back and all that jazz--and it's working. Apparently I've lost 8lbs since school started. And other than my yoga class and biking around campus, I've kind of stopped working out since classes began. No time. But yay anyway!), so I was excited. I got a Shasta cola. Apparently there were also Cokes as well, but I didn't get that one. I was a little bummed about that.

Clearly, I've got a very strong case of brand loyalty there. And I admit it! Kind of sad though.

And last, but definitely not least...



Monday, September 27, 2010


Today it got up to 113 degrees on campus. Thank goodness I spent the majority of today in air conditioned rooms! (I actually used a thin jacked at my internship today.)

Apparently I'm the only one in Los Angeles who isn't going insane from the heat. Every where, everyone's complaining nonstop. But not me. I mean, yes, it's really really hot. Unreasonably so. But I prefer hot to cold any day of the week, and as long as I'm prepared for the heat (wearing shorts and a tank top and flip flops, with a nice cold water bottle), it's not too terrible. But the minute it gets cold I get cranky. That's why I'm living in Los Angeles, for goodness sake!

So instead of complaining about the heat... I'm complaining about the people who are complaining about the heat. Hehe!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 4: Complete

So now I've completed my 4th week of class. By now, you'd think that things would have settled down. I would be much calmer, much less stressed out.

In many ways, that is correct. I had time to meet with friends and hang out a little, grab dinners and watch TV with them. But last night was KP callbacks, which (of course) took forever. Not the callbacks themselves--those were fine. But the deliberating, and then waiting to hear who (of those who overlapped with getting into another group) chose us. In the end, we have some awesome newbies that I'm super excited about!! 2 guys and a girl, and that sounds just about right! But because last night took such a long time, I barely slept last night (between the hours of 9am yesterday morning and 2am last night, I was home for a grand total of an hour). And today I was just exhausted. Luckily it wasn't as though I was doing anything strenuous at the internship, but it's rough to be so tired.

But tomorrow, I'm sleeping in. No doubt about it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Plans

I hear that weekends are supposed to be relaxing. Psh. Not for me.

Friday (today): Internship 10-5, Movies at 7pm.
Saturday: Concert Choir retreat 9-4, football game at 7pm (maybe).
Sunday: Spider Baby rehearsal 1:30-4, working an internship event at CTG 5:30-midnight.

And all this past week was a cappella auditions and seeing Glass Menagerie for the internship, so I haven't had a chance to rest over the week. Which means that the first time I'll get to relax is Monday at 2pm. Not that I'm complaining, by any means. But still... isn't it weird to be looking forward to a Monday??

On the plus side, I got my marketing textbook in the mail today. So I can catch up on the work that I've missed for the class.

Hah. Because I have so much time for homework. That's why the football game's a maybe, because I might just have to stay home and get work done that night. But if nothing else I'll put the game on the TV... I'm a Trojan, we always fight on!

Well, I wanted to be busy this semester... and so far my wish has been coming true!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KP All Hail Concert Videos

Here are the KP Videos from the All Hail concert last night.
I'll write more later... but I've got a crazy-long week ahead of me and don't have the energy to write much more.

But in the meantime... ENJOY!