Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy, Busy Week

This week has certainly been an eventful one. Started my internship on Tuesday, and so far so good. I go in twice a week and help people when I can. So far, I've fetched magazines, called film schools, read through client accounts and Tweeted. It's not too exciting, but it's interesting just to listen to what these women do on a daily basis. I'm so impressed! And clearly something's working: several of their products are featured on a weekly basis on The Bachelorette, which seems pretty good to me! The internship's a lot of staring at a computer screen, but that's alright.

Spider Baby had its fundraising concert last night. Apparently we (the actors) actually made a bit of money! Surprising and cool. Not a ton, of course, but no big. It's cool nonetheless. It was a very mellow concert: a tiny little theatre and we could see right into the eyes of everyone in the audience. We pretty much just came out when it was our song, sang, and then left. Our producer described the plot in between, but we didn't act it out or anything. Just singing and being rock-stars (or in my case, attempting to be). It went fairly well, so yay. And then a couple people went out for dinner after the show. I got a yummy fancy mac&cheese, and I have leftovers for dinner tonight! I love leftovers.

Today we had our LAST Spider Baby rehearsal before we open in VEGAS!! Crazy crazy. We ran the show twice. The first time felt like a warm-up run for me: I was forgetting lines left and right (pathetic, considering I don't have that many to begin with), but I started to have a little bit more fun with the character. Because, you know, this whole acting thing is supposed to be fun, right? The second run through was much better, mostly because I actually ran the lines in between the two runs so I knew I had them. We also did an extensive fight call, and my muscle memory started kicking in again. Remember, it'd been a good two weeks since I'd run the show, so I was not in good shape. But the second time went much better and I'm getting excited for Vegas! We're carpooling up Thursday night and then it's a good two days of Spider Baby mania. Or something of the sort.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Almost Done!

I'm almost done! Hooray! One more final, which won't be bad at all. Just turning in a packet for my directing scene and presenting the scene to the class. I had my final rehearsal with my actors earlier today, which went well. It's amazing how much the scene changed from our first rehearsals to now--all in really exciting, interesting ways. Every time we run through it, they add in cool new bits and it makes me happy. I love working with actors, even when I'm not actually on the stage. They're so creative! We're so creative. It's awesome.

Another awesome thing: I got an internship! Yay! Last week was insane, I went to 5 interviews in 5 days (seriously), and talked to one woman on the phone about coming in for a trial run of working in their workspace. The interviews went interestingly. I got one of them for sure. The rest went pretty well, but when I said I would be out of town for 2 weeks most of them said it wouldn't work. Unfortunate, but that's life. But I think I would have gotten at least a couple of them if I'd had been in town. Well, I like to think so. I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, I'll be interning in a Public Relations place in downtown Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to it. It's a 5-woman place, painted really cute and pink, and they're really friendly. It's a small space, but I'd honestly prefer a smaller environment where I do things versus a huge place where all you do is photocopies and get coffee. I have no doubt that I'll be doing a bit of that, but I'm under the impression that it's small enough that I'll be doing other things too. It's not entertainment-based at all, which is interesting. Mostly I'd been applying for theatre groups and actor management places, but this should be good to expand my horizons, see what's out there outside of the entertainment industry. I like trying new things. This, combined with the Spider Baby tours and probably an online class or two (I want to learn how to design websites!), and the summer should shape up to be productive and fun. Which is good, because in about 14 hours I'll officially be done with my junior year of college and be a SENIOR.


I know so many seniors who are nervous about graduating and getting into the real world. I'm nervous too, and I still have an entire year left! I can't believe that in a short year, I'll be done with school forever and moving on to (hopefully) bigger and (hopefully) better things. Ugh. I so don't want to think about that. Just focus on the now:

It isn't the big troubles in life that require character. Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh - I really think that requires spirit.
-Jean Webster, "Daddy Long Legs"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Classes Are Done!

Hooray! I'm done with classes. But not done with the work for those said classes. Luckily, I don't have a lot of finals: I have one actual final (for my pass/no pass class), a presentation of my Directing scene, a final lecture, and a jury performance for piano. And a couple of easy reflection papers, talking about my processes and stuff like that. So finals week is looking pretty easy going for me.

But I definitely don't feel officially finished yet. Still hunting for an internship that will take me over the summer, despite the many conflicts that Spider Baby has brought up. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be doing the show, but it's hard to find something that'll keep me busy despite the two weeks plus three weekends of being out of town's worth of conflicts. I have hope though. I have to.

I've actually been doing some research on fringe festivals and they sound really cool. The Toronto Fringe, for example, hosts about 150 companies over 12 days of performances. The shows rotate around in the spaces, and with so many shows, there are multiple performances going at once, all day. Tickets are cheap so audiences can spend a day going from show to show to show. These festivals give smaller companies chances to work in front of an audience, and don't judge the shows themselves--entrance into this particular festival was by lottery, and others provide spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our performance times are all over the place--one is at 10pm, another at 5:15, a couple at 8ish... So we'll have plenty of time to check out the rest of the Fringe and see a bit of Toronto too. Yay! I'm getting excited.

But also sad. I won't be in the country to celebrate July 4th! Well, technically it's still the 4th of July, but it just ain't as fun when you aren't in the United States. Oh well, it's a small price to pay.

Another cool tidbit: The Drowsy Chaperone got its start at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Which is awesome. It starred Sutton Foster. Who is awesome. And who I MET!!!!!

Not my best picture... but it's not the end of the world.

She performed a small concert at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. We were sitting really close--like, 4th row close. We were all the way to the side, but the theatre is rather small, so it didn't matter. And she was so good! I love her voice. After the show she did a meet-and-greet, so we, well, met and gret (meeted and greeted? I dunno). She was really nice and friendly. I forgot to bring my CD from the car =( so no signing of my CD. But I got a photo, which I've wanted since we went to see Shrek in New York last summer and I was mad that she ran off. So that made me happy. And then we went to grab food in downtown Culver City and as we were leaving, I saw her on the other side of the restaurant with the pianist, eating a late-night snack. I didn't say anything--didn't want to be an obnoxious fan--but it was cool.

I really should study for this Chinese final. Even though I'm taking it pass/fail, I still want to make sure that I'm going to pass, you know? And considering I only have one legitimate final, it's not that big a deal to actually study for it.

Well that, or I can do some research for my internship interviews coming up! Yay interviews! I hope they like me! And to quote the show that was the source material for one of my Writing 340 papers (YESSSSSS I'M DONE WITH WRITING 340 FOREVER!!!)...

God I hope I get it!