Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy, Busy Week

This week has certainly been an eventful one. Started my internship on Tuesday, and so far so good. I go in twice a week and help people when I can. So far, I've fetched magazines, called film schools, read through client accounts and Tweeted. It's not too exciting, but it's interesting just to listen to what these women do on a daily basis. I'm so impressed! And clearly something's working: several of their products are featured on a weekly basis on The Bachelorette, which seems pretty good to me! The internship's a lot of staring at a computer screen, but that's alright.

Spider Baby had its fundraising concert last night. Apparently we (the actors) actually made a bit of money! Surprising and cool. Not a ton, of course, but no big. It's cool nonetheless. It was a very mellow concert: a tiny little theatre and we could see right into the eyes of everyone in the audience. We pretty much just came out when it was our song, sang, and then left. Our producer described the plot in between, but we didn't act it out or anything. Just singing and being rock-stars (or in my case, attempting to be). It went fairly well, so yay. And then a couple people went out for dinner after the show. I got a yummy fancy mac&cheese, and I have leftovers for dinner tonight! I love leftovers.

Today we had our LAST Spider Baby rehearsal before we open in VEGAS!! Crazy crazy. We ran the show twice. The first time felt like a warm-up run for me: I was forgetting lines left and right (pathetic, considering I don't have that many to begin with), but I started to have a little bit more fun with the character. Because, you know, this whole acting thing is supposed to be fun, right? The second run through was much better, mostly because I actually ran the lines in between the two runs so I knew I had them. We also did an extensive fight call, and my muscle memory started kicking in again. Remember, it'd been a good two weeks since I'd run the show, so I was not in good shape. But the second time went much better and I'm getting excited for Vegas! We're carpooling up Thursday night and then it's a good two days of Spider Baby mania. Or something of the sort.

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