Monday, June 7, 2010

Tour Part One: Done!

Spider Baby Interview

So the first weekend of tour is over and done. It totally flew by, I have no idea where the weekend went!

Even though audiences were pretty small, they all seemed to enjoy the show. The first night had 20+ people, and apparently all of them came up to Enrique after the show and told him how much they loved it. It was a small house, but they giggled and clapped a bit and were decent.

The second night was dead silent, even though before the show started I thought they'd be enthusiastic. But they applauded like crazy at curtain call, so I guess they liked it too!

And the owner of the theater loved it, because we've officially extended for another weekend! So I get another weekend of Spider Baby-ing in Vegas. Hopefully that'll give us more time to build up an audience and get people excited for the show.

The only downside? Lots of driving. It's a long drive, especially when it's going back and forth for the weekend. But I think it should be worth it, in the long run.

Other than that, there's not much to report. I saw a few shows that performed late in the evening, saw some hotels and even played a few penny slots =). I won a bit of money! Like $15-worth. So that was exciting. And now I have today off, to recoup, and then two days of interning, and then back again for a Friday show! It's crazy, man.

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