Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour Part Two: Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day! I hop on a plane with the rest of the Spider Baby cast and we fly off to Toronto. It still hasn't totally kicked in yet--I'm mostly packed but still have a few errands to run, like picking up cash and photocopying my passport. Maybe it'll kick in tomorrow, when I'm driving to the airport at 6:30am (ewwww). Or when I see the rest of the cast again. It's been forever, I forget what they look like! (That's totally a lie, I remember all of them perfectly.)

Anyway, this week has gone by surprisingly quickly. Trying to keep myself busy, avoiding too much thinking. It's a dangerous pasttime, you know? Saw two shows: In the Heights on Friday night and Daddy Long Legs last night. ITH was fantastic, as usual. Seeing Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote the score and originated Usnavi, was the coolest experience. He's so cute and dorky and perfect for the role--obviously. The last 2 times I saw it was on Broadway, with the same people both times. So now, seeing it with a totally different group of people, was also a really fun experience. Some of the people I preferred over the Broadway cast, some I didn't. But in the end, I still love the show.

DLL was actually a little disappointing, though I still enjoyed it a lot. It was great to see people singing the songs that I have heard now, oh, maybe 20 times on repeat in my car? I'm not sure the show really worked though. Because the whole thing is written in letters, there wasn't a whole lot of interaction between the two characters. And I really missed them actually talking to each other, instead of talking through letters. My favorite scenes were when they were speaking face to face. But even though I had some issues with the direction of the piece (not that I'd know how to solve these problems--this issue comes directly from the way the book was written), I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I kind of wish I weren't leaving tomorrow. Not that I want to stay in Los Angeles, there's nothing really that exciting for me to stay for, but because I have the random desire to cook something: I really want to make this baked mac&cheese recipe that I have, and stick some peas in it for nutritional value. I had a delicious backed mac&cheese w/peas at this restaurant in Burbank a month ago, and I really want to try making it for myself. But since I'm leaving tomorrow, it's pointless-I'd be cooking for myself, I'd have a bazillion leftovers, and it'd just sit in the refrigerator for two weeks. So either I go to the restaurant and order one for myself (I'd still have leftovers, but not a bazillion), or make something else, in smaller portions. Still deciding which one I'm going to do.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spider Baby in Vegas: Weekend Two

So here's a list of some of the highlights from the weekend.

1) Friday night we had 10 people in the audience. Luckily there were more people in the house than onstage... but not by much. So that was interesting. What was also interesting was that we were all really insanely relaxed. It was good to see everyone again after the week apart, and thus I kind of... forgot that we had a show to do. The house was open before I even knew it. And since I was so relaxed, I wasn't nervous at all. I'm pretty darn sure that's how it was for the whole cast. Without nerves, it's hard to get the right kind of energy going before the show. So it passed in a blur... It was too easy, and so I don't think there was enough at stake. And I feel bad for the audience. The show itself wasn't bad, I don't think, but it wasn't enough. The 10 people that came didn't get the best performance, which is too bad. I think having a small audience is no excuse for not giving them your all, but you live and you learn.

After the show, someone came up to me and told me I had a lovely voice--apparently, she is a Vegas native and has seen a lot of shows, and mentioned me in particular!! So sweet! And then she added that there wasn't a bad vocalist in the bunch, which is awesome. She also told me that if there's ever a Monica Lewinsky musical, I'd be a shoo-in. I was very flattered... though not 100% sure what to make of that, hehe. But apparently there is, in fact, already a Monica Lewinsky musical, so I should check that out. Hah.

2) That night we all went out to the Vegas strip for a night on the town. The girls got very dressed up (I actually thought to bring a cute-ish outfit! Good for me! But I had no cute shoes so I was the only one in flats... and thus, I looked about a foot taller than the rest of the group. Oh well!) and the guys were just chillin'. It was really fun though. We didn't do anything, exactly--just walked around, saw a couple hotels, talked and took some photographs. I really enjoyed myself!

3) The Saturday show was much better. We had a good audience, both in numbers and in energy. I daresay the house may have been at least half full--sounds small but it made quite a difference. Apparently, this show has a history of having a good audience the final show. But I don't want that to be the case anymore: I want it to have a good audience EVERY show! But it made such a difference: it was so nice to have ENERGY for us! They clapped after songs (seems standard, right? But we've been going through the show without getting applause for a while. I think it's partially due to the content, but it's also due to the structure), laughed at jokes, reacted to scenes... It was just nice to know people were watching, and were interested. Beverly Washburn, who played Elizabeth in the original movie, was there and she really enjoyed the show! We talked to her a bit after the show ended, and it was just a really cool experience to hear her feedback--very positive.

Unfortunately, the energy was so invigorating that I tried a few new things in the run--mostly vocally. Trying to add texture to my voice. Didn't seem to work too well, because by the final number I was losing my voice. So I came back, had some throat coat tea, and felt better by morning. But I have to be smart about these things! Silly Katherine, trying new stuff is good but only if you do them smartly and safely.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons Why Today Sucked

1) Barely any sleep. Got home later than anticipated from the roomie's bday party, was too wound up to go to bed right away, and then got woken up when said roomie came home. At four in the morning.

2) My internship was pretty quiet today. Didn't have a whole lot to do. Sometimes that can be nice... but other times I just get bored. I started reorganizing the cabinets in my last half hour.

3) Apparently USC is now banned from bowl games for the next two years. I don't know why, and I don't understand the situation (honestly? I'm too tired to sift through the information), but it's ridiculous either way. That's part of why USC's so awesome! (But only part of the reason. Because clearly USC is the BEST, regardless of the football situation.) Fight on!

4) The third weekend of Spider Baby in Vegas has been canceled, due to medical stuff and job conflicts. So, to remind everyone of how this Vegas portion of Spider Baby has been, lets go through the process of scheduling this elusive third weekend:

a) was originally two weekends
b) then was three weekends. we were asked to check that weekend, and yes, everyone could make it.
c) then was two weekends... and with the potential of scheduling the third, if the owner wanted it. so we had to keep it open... maybe.
d) he loved it, so it was three weekends! that is, if everyone talked to the producer by the Friday evening and said it was OK.
d.1) which they did. so three weekends it is.
e) now, the Thursday before the second weekend, it's canceled. due to conflicts and illness or whatever.

I'm so so tired of these things changing. Make up your mind people and COMMIT! I honestly don't care THAT MUCH either way, but once a decision is made, people need to stick with it! Is it really that hard??

5) Have I mentioned that I'm still really, really tired? And I still have laundry to do and a checkbook to balance and a messy room/apartment to clean.

Reasons Why Today Was a Teeny Bit Less Sucky

1) I learned two new programs at my internship today: the elusive Cision, which has all kinds of nifty contact info to major publications, and some blogging software. Both are pretty simple, but now I can add that to my bag of tricks.

2) Got Quizno's for dinner tonight. Yummy yummy.

3) Watched last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which was all about telling the new Top 10 (sorta...) who got in. And because of the way the show's structured this season, pretty much everyone they featured significantly got in. So ALL my favorites made it!!

3.1) And there's a new episode today. I may not watch all of it (um... 2 hours is a bit much), but I'm excited nonetheless.

4) We're headed back to Vegas tomorrow, which means in about 24 hours I will get to begin performing again. Hooray.

5) Not having a third weekend does mean that I get to go home for sure, instead of just maybe. Which is a very nice thought.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tour Part One: Done!

Spider Baby Interview

So the first weekend of tour is over and done. It totally flew by, I have no idea where the weekend went!

Even though audiences were pretty small, they all seemed to enjoy the show. The first night had 20+ people, and apparently all of them came up to Enrique after the show and told him how much they loved it. It was a small house, but they giggled and clapped a bit and were decent.

The second night was dead silent, even though before the show started I thought they'd be enthusiastic. But they applauded like crazy at curtain call, so I guess they liked it too!

And the owner of the theater loved it, because we've officially extended for another weekend! So I get another weekend of Spider Baby-ing in Vegas. Hopefully that'll give us more time to build up an audience and get people excited for the show.

The only downside? Lots of driving. It's a long drive, especially when it's going back and forth for the weekend. But I think it should be worth it, in the long run.

Other than that, there's not much to report. I saw a few shows that performed late in the evening, saw some hotels and even played a few penny slots =). I won a bit of money! Like $15-worth. So that was exciting. And now I have today off, to recoup, and then two days of interning, and then back again for a Friday show! It's crazy, man.