Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons Why Today Sucked

1) Barely any sleep. Got home later than anticipated from the roomie's bday party, was too wound up to go to bed right away, and then got woken up when said roomie came home. At four in the morning.

2) My internship was pretty quiet today. Didn't have a whole lot to do. Sometimes that can be nice... but other times I just get bored. I started reorganizing the cabinets in my last half hour.

3) Apparently USC is now banned from bowl games for the next two years. I don't know why, and I don't understand the situation (honestly? I'm too tired to sift through the information), but it's ridiculous either way. That's part of why USC's so awesome! (But only part of the reason. Because clearly USC is the BEST, regardless of the football situation.) Fight on!

4) The third weekend of Spider Baby in Vegas has been canceled, due to medical stuff and job conflicts. So, to remind everyone of how this Vegas portion of Spider Baby has been, lets go through the process of scheduling this elusive third weekend:

a) was originally two weekends
b) then was three weekends. we were asked to check that weekend, and yes, everyone could make it.
c) then was two weekends... and with the potential of scheduling the third, if the owner wanted it. so we had to keep it open... maybe.
d) he loved it, so it was three weekends! that is, if everyone talked to the producer by the Friday evening and said it was OK.
d.1) which they did. so three weekends it is.
e) now, the Thursday before the second weekend, it's canceled. due to conflicts and illness or whatever.

I'm so so tired of these things changing. Make up your mind people and COMMIT! I honestly don't care THAT MUCH either way, but once a decision is made, people need to stick with it! Is it really that hard??

5) Have I mentioned that I'm still really, really tired? And I still have laundry to do and a checkbook to balance and a messy room/apartment to clean.

Reasons Why Today Was a Teeny Bit Less Sucky

1) I learned two new programs at my internship today: the elusive Cision, which has all kinds of nifty contact info to major publications, and some blogging software. Both are pretty simple, but now I can add that to my bag of tricks.

2) Got Quizno's for dinner tonight. Yummy yummy.

3) Watched last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which was all about telling the new Top 10 (sorta...) who got in. And because of the way the show's structured this season, pretty much everyone they featured significantly got in. So ALL my favorites made it!!

3.1) And there's a new episode today. I may not watch all of it (um... 2 hours is a bit much), but I'm excited nonetheless.

4) We're headed back to Vegas tomorrow, which means in about 24 hours I will get to begin performing again. Hooray.

5) Not having a third weekend does mean that I get to go home for sure, instead of just maybe. Which is a very nice thought.

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