Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour Part Two: Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day! I hop on a plane with the rest of the Spider Baby cast and we fly off to Toronto. It still hasn't totally kicked in yet--I'm mostly packed but still have a few errands to run, like picking up cash and photocopying my passport. Maybe it'll kick in tomorrow, when I'm driving to the airport at 6:30am (ewwww). Or when I see the rest of the cast again. It's been forever, I forget what they look like! (That's totally a lie, I remember all of them perfectly.)

Anyway, this week has gone by surprisingly quickly. Trying to keep myself busy, avoiding too much thinking. It's a dangerous pasttime, you know? Saw two shows: In the Heights on Friday night and Daddy Long Legs last night. ITH was fantastic, as usual. Seeing Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote the score and originated Usnavi, was the coolest experience. He's so cute and dorky and perfect for the role--obviously. The last 2 times I saw it was on Broadway, with the same people both times. So now, seeing it with a totally different group of people, was also a really fun experience. Some of the people I preferred over the Broadway cast, some I didn't. But in the end, I still love the show.

DLL was actually a little disappointing, though I still enjoyed it a lot. It was great to see people singing the songs that I have heard now, oh, maybe 20 times on repeat in my car? I'm not sure the show really worked though. Because the whole thing is written in letters, there wasn't a whole lot of interaction between the two characters. And I really missed them actually talking to each other, instead of talking through letters. My favorite scenes were when they were speaking face to face. But even though I had some issues with the direction of the piece (not that I'd know how to solve these problems--this issue comes directly from the way the book was written), I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I kind of wish I weren't leaving tomorrow. Not that I want to stay in Los Angeles, there's nothing really that exciting for me to stay for, but because I have the random desire to cook something: I really want to make this baked mac&cheese recipe that I have, and stick some peas in it for nutritional value. I had a delicious backed mac&cheese w/peas at this restaurant in Burbank a month ago, and I really want to try making it for myself. But since I'm leaving tomorrow, it's pointless-I'd be cooking for myself, I'd have a bazillion leftovers, and it'd just sit in the refrigerator for two weeks. So either I go to the restaurant and order one for myself (I'd still have leftovers, but not a bazillion), or make something else, in smaller portions. Still deciding which one I'm going to do.

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