Sunday, May 9, 2010

Almost Done!

I'm almost done! Hooray! One more final, which won't be bad at all. Just turning in a packet for my directing scene and presenting the scene to the class. I had my final rehearsal with my actors earlier today, which went well. It's amazing how much the scene changed from our first rehearsals to now--all in really exciting, interesting ways. Every time we run through it, they add in cool new bits and it makes me happy. I love working with actors, even when I'm not actually on the stage. They're so creative! We're so creative. It's awesome.

Another awesome thing: I got an internship! Yay! Last week was insane, I went to 5 interviews in 5 days (seriously), and talked to one woman on the phone about coming in for a trial run of working in their workspace. The interviews went interestingly. I got one of them for sure. The rest went pretty well, but when I said I would be out of town for 2 weeks most of them said it wouldn't work. Unfortunate, but that's life. But I think I would have gotten at least a couple of them if I'd had been in town. Well, I like to think so. I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, I'll be interning in a Public Relations place in downtown Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to it. It's a 5-woman place, painted really cute and pink, and they're really friendly. It's a small space, but I'd honestly prefer a smaller environment where I do things versus a huge place where all you do is photocopies and get coffee. I have no doubt that I'll be doing a bit of that, but I'm under the impression that it's small enough that I'll be doing other things too. It's not entertainment-based at all, which is interesting. Mostly I'd been applying for theatre groups and actor management places, but this should be good to expand my horizons, see what's out there outside of the entertainment industry. I like trying new things. This, combined with the Spider Baby tours and probably an online class or two (I want to learn how to design websites!), and the summer should shape up to be productive and fun. Which is good, because in about 14 hours I'll officially be done with my junior year of college and be a SENIOR.


I know so many seniors who are nervous about graduating and getting into the real world. I'm nervous too, and I still have an entire year left! I can't believe that in a short year, I'll be done with school forever and moving on to (hopefully) bigger and (hopefully) better things. Ugh. I so don't want to think about that. Just focus on the now:

It isn't the big troubles in life that require character. Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh - I really think that requires spirit.
-Jean Webster, "Daddy Long Legs"

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