Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Plans

I hear that weekends are supposed to be relaxing. Psh. Not for me.

Friday (today): Internship 10-5, Movies at 7pm.
Saturday: Concert Choir retreat 9-4, football game at 7pm (maybe).
Sunday: Spider Baby rehearsal 1:30-4, working an internship event at CTG 5:30-midnight.

And all this past week was a cappella auditions and seeing Glass Menagerie for the internship, so I haven't had a chance to rest over the week. Which means that the first time I'll get to relax is Monday at 2pm. Not that I'm complaining, by any means. But still... isn't it weird to be looking forward to a Monday??

On the plus side, I got my marketing textbook in the mail today. So I can catch up on the work that I've missed for the class.

Hah. Because I have so much time for homework. That's why the football game's a maybe, because I might just have to stay home and get work done that night. But if nothing else I'll put the game on the TV... I'm a Trojan, we always fight on!

Well, I wanted to be busy this semester... and so far my wish has been coming true!

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