Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 4: Complete

So now I've completed my 4th week of class. By now, you'd think that things would have settled down. I would be much calmer, much less stressed out.

In many ways, that is correct. I had time to meet with friends and hang out a little, grab dinners and watch TV with them. But last night was KP callbacks, which (of course) took forever. Not the callbacks themselves--those were fine. But the deliberating, and then waiting to hear who (of those who overlapped with getting into another group) chose us. In the end, we have some awesome newbies that I'm super excited about!! 2 guys and a girl, and that sounds just about right! But because last night took such a long time, I barely slept last night (between the hours of 9am yesterday morning and 2am last night, I was home for a grand total of an hour). And today I was just exhausted. Luckily it wasn't as though I was doing anything strenuous at the internship, but it's rough to be so tired.

But tomorrow, I'm sleeping in. No doubt about it!

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