Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day world!

As a Valentines Day present... here's KP's full set from the ICCA's last night:

Individual song videos will be on YouTube soon.

Yesterday itself was an insane day. Spent from 2:30pm-1am with the KP folks! We met at 2:30 to finalize some costume things (we had several options for vests, some which came from Target and some which were three weeks late coming from China) and went to meet the rest of the group on campus. Warmed up a bit, then sat around in front of Bovard to hear some rules and fun things like that. Then we headed back to our classroom/practice room to relax, warm up and get ourselves ready.

We went last in the entire set of the ICCAs, so we had a long time until our sound check. Like, two and a half hours long. But it went surprisingly fast. Did warm ups, ate some food, practiced dancing a bit and tried to keep calm. Also went on a number of trips to get hot water for our Throat Coat tea. It worked surprisingly well. I've never tried it, but I probably will in the future.

Sound check was rushed because they were running late, but it went smoothly. And we got to watch the first half of the show. Four groups began the evening, and it was fun to watch and consider what they did that worked and didn't work. Then at intermission we went backstage, warmed up and got excited!!

The performance itself was surreal. We've spent so much time this last month preparing for this performance, and in the end it was exciting! We all had a ton of energy, much more so than in rehearsals. So it was exhausting, but exciting.

In the end we didn't win anything, but it was fun and I think we gave a really good performance. And people seemed to enjoy it, so yay! After the show we took photos and got food at Wendys. Adam was with me, so I dragged him along =). And then went back to one of our house's to relax and watch the video from my camcorder. It was definitely interesting to watch back.

I think we're going to try to record some of the music tomorrow, so we'll have a nice audio. And then... on to new and more exciting things! Hooray!

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