Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Spider Baby Rehearsal

I had my first rehearsal for Spider Baby today. It went pretty well. Wish I had reviewed the music of the songs we were working on today a bit more. I'd heard them a few times already, but an extra listen or two would have been good. Oh well, will know for next time!

The rehearsal was in a small set of studios, where there also seemed to be a set of auditions for multiple different things, most notably something for kids because of the vast number of children everywhere. I didn't really notice them though--not until I left rehearsal, when I walked smack dab into a hallway full of kids. Anyway, the rehearsal was very quick and straightforward. We got new copies of the scripts, sang through a song, fixed/tweaked things for those who got confused with the parts (AKA the new cast members, like me!), and reviewed a couple times. Then moved on to the next song. Since maybe half the cast is returning from the last time they worked on the show, we didn't all have to learn it from scratch. I was done within an an hour and a half.

I'm looking forward to next week, when we work on the solos and duets! I have a couple of featured numbers. Just need to review the stuff before going in next week, which shouldn't be too bad.

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