Sunday, August 15, 2010

OneHealthyKat Update

Last time I updated this blog, I was 7/7 consecutive days of working out for at least 30 minutes. Today, I'm 20/20. Almost done with the 21-day challenge! It's definitely become much easier to make time to work out every day, even just a long walk down the block, and I feel a lot better too. Unfortunately, having spent this past weekend at the beach means that I ended up eating a lot less healthily than usual, but I'll make it up somehow. Must buy fruit though--I'm at home for the rest of the week, and I want to make me some smoothies!

I spent a lot of time today researching dance studios, yoga centers and local gyms, and I've found some classes I'm excited to take. Tomorrow, I'm going to try a yoga class at Yoga of Los Altos. I've never taken an official yoga class before--just mini-yoga classes during musical theatre courses and a few videos, so this should be interesting! Wednesday I want to do the musical theater dance class at Zohar Dance Company. I'd like to try the tap class as well, but that depends on if I can find my tap shoes or not...

Then once I get back to Los Angeles, I have plans for two more classes. On Saturday morning I'm headed to Burbank a little early before my Spider Baby rehearsal (first rehearsal with the new girl!) to check out a beginner modern dance class at The Dance Collaborative. I've never done modern dance before, so this'll be interesting. I'm tempted to stay for their contemporary jazz class that's right after, but I think I'll give myself time to eat and rest before rehearsal. Then, on Sunday, I'll check out the Broadway class at Your Neighborhood Studio. It looks like one of those big studios with a ton of different classes in many different styles, all going on at once.

Pretty much, I need to get back into dancing shape, especially if USC's doing a dance show as the spring musical. Besides, I love dance and it's fun! Plus it's a very good workout. Next semester I'm taking a yoga class, but I'd like to keep taking dance as well to get in nice and extra-strong shape. If I want to be a singing and dancing fool for the rest of my life, I need to start now!

Hopefully, the plan for next semester is this: yoga class M/W. Internship after class on M/W/F. After I'm done with the internship for the day, I go take a dance class. T/Th will be crazy-busy with classes (Tuesday I have class from 10-6 with one two hour break, Thursday is the same but goes until 8) so I just squeeze in the gym when I get the chance. Waddaya think??

In other news, I won a blog contest! I got some free Moleskine notebooks from Let the Words Flow. I highly recommend the blog if you like to write. I'm no writer, but sometimes I like to pretend ;). So I'm super stoked! Maybe I'll use one of them as a onehealthykat-themed notebook. Hmm...

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