Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Week Complete

I made it through the first week! Thank goodness.

So despite not being able to do most of the shows due to Spider Baby, I still had massive amounts of audition work to do: I auditioned for 1 play, 1 musical, the choir program and a musical theater class. Got into one of those, called back for another, no callbacks for the third and don't know if I got into the fourth. And I'm going to be cryptic, so I'm not telling you which one was which =D. (Give you a hint: they're NOT in order.)

I'm also in the midst of getting back to rehearsals for things like KP and Spider Baby. We've got a couple of guest singers for All Hail, which is exciting, and today we essentially re-blocked the show for Spider Baby to account for our new set. I just gotta brush up on my lines and come up with some clever character things, but it should be good. And once we have the whole band together, it'll be even better.

So now I've got to go eat some dinner before KP rehearsal. And then I need to get started on my homework. I've done none all week. Not that I have a lot, but still.

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