Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I'm back in Los Angeles after an awesome long weekend at home! It was supposed to be just a casual weekend at home, but it ended up being an extended birthday celebration, leading up to my actual birthday. I'm 21 today, hooray!

Thursday night I flew into San Jose airport and headed home. Ate some sushi, made fun of my family (in the best way possible), and watched the first half of SYTYCD on the huge TV. I saw myself a couple of times!! It was nice to see the whole dances, and I filled in Mom+Mel on some cool tidbits from the taping.

Friday I had lunch with a friend, then went shopping! Considering that I'm not a big shopper at all, I sure bought a lot. Got a bunch of pairs of shorts, some skinny jeans, and another dress. It's super cute though. We had dinner at Maldonado's (yummy pasta) and then went over to PYT for Mel's rehearsal. I was watching their last runthrough before tech. I'll still be in LA for their actual performances, so this was my chance to see the show. And it's good! I highly recommend it-lots of crazy dances, but they're dancing it well. Footloose. PYT. Be there. I won't, but you should. After the rehearsal I made smoothies for my family, which they all enjoyed quite a lot. They were also yummy.

Saturday was lunch with another friend from USC, then I went with my parents to see Inception. I really enjoyed the movie! It seriously messed with my mind, but in the best way possible. Then we went over to see Anything Goes at Foothill, which was also very good. Loved seeing my friends on that stage. They were zany and having tons of fun with this ridiculous show, ad-libbing lines left and right. But it was hilarious. My favorite was during "Friendship," a verse about killing and removing eyeballs and such, and one guy said "This is a violent verse!" in a mock-horror voice. It totally cracked me up!

Unfortunately, that night I couldn't sleep. I laid in bed for hours, unable to sleep. A major problem, because we were getting up early Sunday to go white water rafting! I fell asleep after 4am, and got up at 5:45. No joke. It was bad. I napped in the car, but not much. Luckily, it didn't matter too much, because I managed to collect enough energy for the day. And it was awesome. The rapids were great, and I even went in the kayak for a while. Such a good workout, too. After that, we stopped at Fenton's in Vacaville for dinner. Delicious crab salad sandwiches and sundaes!!

Slept in today, and it was so nice! Got up, read a while, and went to a birthday lunch at BJ's with Mom and a friend. I got my first drink! Good times, good times! It was OK, but I really liked the Root Beer drink my mom ordered for me to try. Then we went to pick up Mel from Theatre in the Park and I saw a few of my former TIP students! They didn't see me though, but that's OK--I'm not 100% sure I remember their names, oops. Dropped Mel off at tech and finished packing, then off to the airport and now I'm back to LA.

On another topic, I was just wondering if anyone actually reads this, other than my mother? (I love you Mom!!) Maybe as a b-day present, if you read this blog ever (and clearly you do, considering you're reading this now ;)), just leave a comment? I'd appreciate it!


  1. That would assume one knows how to post a comment. It was a very fun weekend and I'm still very sore and tired from it. SOOOOO glad you came home for the weekend!

  2. Yes, you do have an audience. Brittany, Mathew and I check this periodically (your mom said you are supposed to write something once a week!). Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday weekend!