Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekendly Update

The weekend has been pretty uneventful so far. I slept in two days in a row... which is delightful!! Watched a lot of TV via Netflix--I love the Instant Watch that Netflix does. I also got a cool thing for the Wii that lets me watch Netflix using the Wii, which I love. It works really well, which was surprising--I didn't think it'd work. But it does! Which is awesome!

And bad. Because I've watched a lot of TV these last few days. But it's for my education... right? Because I have to be educated in acting... Right? Right?

(Of course, this argument makes no sense because I'm watching stuff that's been canceled for years. But that's a minor detail.)

Other than that, I've had a rehearsal for my directing scene which went really well. I thought of a pretty creative way to create the set-well, I think it's creative, and the cast seems to enjoy working on it, so I'm happy. Maybe it's dumb. It probably is. But I like it, so yay!!

I also saw an SOT show tonight. It's one of the Blueprints--shows that are new works by the Playwriting Grad students, performed by USC students. The shows are still in development, so they aren't anywhere near being done. It's just about getting an audience in there and seeing what they're seeing. So there's a talk-back with the director/author/playwriting program person after the shows. The talk-backs are always really interesting to hear. I didn't have much to say, mostly because I'm still processing the piece until at least half an hour after it's over. But it was interesting to hear these other people's thoughts on the play, and to know that they'll be taken into consideration as the piece moves forward.

Then I came home and made brownies. Yummy!!! And an egg-bagel-wich with cheese and pastrami. Also yummy!!! I love having food =)

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