Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Weekend

This weekend has been a long one.

Saturday, I went shopping with my roommate to find a costume for a party. I found a really cute dress for under $20 that I might actually wear again, yay! And a hat to spray paint silver. It was a board game themed party. I was a thimble, from Monopoly. So that was fun. Then I went to visit Adam for a few hours, since I haven't seen him in a while. Came back to campus, ate a quick dinner, and saw a workshop production of a new musical that had a bunch of my friends in it. It was definitely an interesting show, very jazzy and new age. After that I came home and got ready for the party, and off we went. And guess what?

The first person I saw also was dressed up as a thimble!! No fair =( but I think mine was cuter, hehe. And a couple people I talked to also said that my thimble was more effective. It was all because of the hat. The hat looked awesome.

So that was last night. Today I got up, attempted to do homework, went off to Spider Baby rehearsal for a series of two run-throughs. The first one was sucky, for me. The second one, I actually had energy, so that was better. Then I dashed back to campus for a quick rehearsal for my directing scene, which went well. Then KP rehearsal. Then some recording of music for a friend. And then, just for kicks, I recorded an audition video for Glee.

It's absolutely terrible and I didn't really even try. But hey, why not? It's the internet age. It's what you do!

So that was my weekend. Now it's 12:15, I'm exhausted, and I have internship applications to fill out, papers to edit, and a Chinese oral final tomorrow. Ugh... This should be a long week. But at least it's the last week of classes! YES!!!

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