Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Night of Tech Done!

Got home a while ago from our first day/night of tech. Started at 12:30, went to 11. I'm in charge of the props team, which is a bit of a pain... But I think we have (almost) everything, so that's good. And it's pretty much organized. We got through the cue-to-cue and ran the first act. We were supposed to run the whole show, but that didn't happen, surprise surprise. At least we did the first act. Then we can finish act 2 tomorrow and do at least 2 full run-thrus before we open!! Eeek we open super soon... How is that possible? Then the day after we close we begin rehearsing our next show, Baby! We don't know whether or not we're actually auditioning for that one yet, so that should be interesting.

Well I must get going. I have a Chinese worksheet to complete, plus a play I ought to read before tomorrow. We'll see if that happens or not... This is definitely a week in which no homework will be done. Oh boy! Wish me luck!

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