Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Lazy and Tired

This week has been crazy, lazy and tired. Why, you ask? Well I'll tell you!

Crazy: I'm now having rehearsal every day of the week, either for Experimentals or for KP. Luckily, as of yet, there aren't any days where I have rehearsal for both, but it's definitely insane. Bat Boy's going well, we did a fair bit of music review today and it was nice to just go over it and make sure I know the parts. Now, hopefully, I can sing everything correctly! We're into doing run-throughs, which is good. Haha. KP's going well too. We just started working with our new members, so it's interesting figuring out how the group dynamics are. But I'm looking forward to working with these wonderful folks! It's also crazy because, now that the insanity of KP concert/auditions/callbacks/etc is over, I actually have time to sit down and do homework. Which, of course, takes forever because I'm terrible at Chinese and I have a ton of reading for both acting and philosophy. So my days are pretty much wake up, go to class, eat lunch, go to class/rehearsal, go home and do homework then go to rehearsal, if I haven't had one already. Though last night we had a welcome-to-KP-party for our newbies. Even though most everyone left pretty early, it was fun! A good way to end the week.

Too bad the end of my week is on a Friday, not Thursday. I wish I didn't have Friday classes! Or at least, didn't have Friday classes at 10am. It's a pain.

Lazy: Pretty much sums up my evening tonight. With all the rehearsing/homework I've got going on, I haven't had any time to watch any of the TV shows I'd recorded. So tonight I watched 5 different shows: Project Runway, Glee, Bones, Gossip Girl and Flash Forward. Liked Project Runway, LOVED Glee, enjoyed Bones, enjoyed Gossip Girl, and was relatively unimpressed with Flash Forward. I don't think that's my kind of show--more Dad's type of thing. So needless to say I was a serious couch potato tonight. But it was wonderful!!

Tired: I'm busy. I'm sleepy. I'm tired. Enough said. =)

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