Thursday, September 10, 2009

So I'm currently procrastinating on writing a response about an Indian play I haven't read, for a class that I skipped this week because I was sick. Not the best situation, that's for sure. But I felt justified, considering this entire week has been all acappella all the time! Literally--Monday was All Hail A Cappella, Tuesday and Wednesday were KP auditions from 6:30-11, except for when I was in Experimentals rehearsals. And then we stayed late to pick out who we'd call back. Today hasn't been nearly as acappella-heavy, though I did have several emails, texts, and phone calls for KP politics. It's crazy and it's easy to get caught up in everything acappella! But it's fun. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it!

Today we had a 15 minute rehearsal for Bat Boy. Literally got there, ran the scene once, and left. It was strange. It almost felt like a waste of time... But I suppose it's better than a 3 hour rehearsal. And it meant I had time to watch TV!! Hehe, after the craziness that was this week, I was delighted to watch 3 hours of TV: Gilmore Girls, Glee, and So You Think You Can Dance. Yay! I also recorded Project Runway and a rerun of the Season 4 finale of Bones, but I feel like those will have to wait until tomorrow. Unless a miracle happens and I actually finish my homework within an hour. Considering I don't actually have that much to do, it's possible. But sometimes I enjoy procrastinating too much. Bad Katherine, bad!

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