Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reasons Why This Week Is/Will Be Crazy

1) Tech week. Need I say more?
2) Had a marketing midterm today. Granted, I'm taking the class pass/fail, but still. It was still pretty tricky.
3) Have a midterm paper due in seven hours for theatre in education. I'm nearly done, but it's not my best-written work.
4) Yoga midterm on Wednesday, which I need to find time to study for and complete the assignments due.
5) Tomorrow I'll have four free hours in the day: 12-2 (between classes) and 8-10 (between class and tech).
6) I'm still sick with coughs and sniffles, and I'm supposed to be a soloist for a mini-concert on Wednesday for choir. And then obviously perform Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I need to buy some medicine...
7) Did I mention it's tech?

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