Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pizza and Homework Night

I just ordered a large pizza from Pizza Hut online. It's cool, you can just put in all the information online and then they send it to you! No phone necessary. Quite handy! So that should be delicious. And large... but it'll be my dinner for the rest of the week, so it should be worth it. I got half cheese, half olive and mushroom... and NO SAUCE. Yummy!!

Anyway, I was planning on seeing the BA show at school tonight but I'm so exhausted from last night's KP retreat that I couldn't muster up the energy to go. And it's raining. Not a bonus, that's for sure. I just took a half hour nap, but not a very solid nap... more like a kitty-cat nap. And now I get to do homework. I have a lot due Monday, yucky. My director's notebook, which should be interesting. I've been taking notes all throughout the directing process, but mostly just thoughts on what to work on, not necessarily big 'ideas' and 'themes.' And then I get to pick the play I'm directing next. Shoot.... I still have NO idea. I borrowed a bunch of plays from the LA Central Library yesterday (definitely the coolest library ever), or I may do a musical. I'd love to do a musical, but that adds fun challenges like music and harmony! Which could be fine, but could be difficult. I do know a ton of two-women musical scenes though, luckily, thanks to CAP21 this summer. So there's a lot of options. But I might be too tempted to just have the actors do exactly what the girls did this summer, which would not be so good. So... we'll see. I have until Monday to decide.

Which is in two days.

......oh boy.

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