Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to School

My feet are in pain.

Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! Today has been, so far, a day of errand-running. And it's not over yet. Ohhh no.

So first I walked to campus, over to the DRC and signed up for auditions. Right now I'm signed up to audition for seven plays. Oh boy... and that's only the School of Theatre ones. Once you put in some ISPs, it's going to be even higher. Unless I somehow get into something right away. We shall see. I have 3 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 1 on Thursday (it's a halfa audition. It's the music audition for the show Jason Robert Brown's directing, since apparently there's singing involved. I'm actually signed up to audition twice for that show... So we'll see what I need to do for that) and one on Saturday. Yikes.

Then I checked out a couple of scripts of the plays I'm auditioning for from the DRC, and went off to the bookstore. Grabbed almost all my textbooks (it's not the start of the semester if the USC bookstore isn't missing at least one of my required textbooks) and purchased them. I have more books for piano than any other class. Luckily they're thin. The Chinese book? Not so thin.

I dragged all my stuff over to one of my favorite places on campus, GFS, and sat in the corner bench to read one of the plays. I love sitting there because it's quiet but not too quiet, light but protected, and I just like corners! Yay corners. =) Though I felt like a dork. Here I am, reading plays, taking notes on the characters, essentially doing homework, and the semester hasn't even started yet! But it's homework I want to do, so I don't mind.

After I finished the one play, I brought it back to the DRC and checked out the rest that I hadn't gotten yet. Luckily I already read one of them at home and know the musical pretty well, so I didn't need to take those.

And then I walked home. And this is why my feet are in pain:

I was wearing my new boots with the crazy inserts in them. Me being stupid, didn't wear socks because they felt really bulky. However, I shall not make that mistake again. Because bulky socks are a heck of a lot better than burning feet.


Off to read more plays, watch a musical, work on monologues and songs and--ew--grocery shop. We shall see how well I do the grocery shopping, considering merely walking around the apartment results in squeals of pain.

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