Monday, November 16, 2009

Longest Tech Day Ever

Today was the longest day of tech that I've had in a long time.

But the day didn't start off teching. Instead, it started at 10:30 am, with me going off to work on a Chinese oral project. We'd meant to work on it last night, but had to postpone: first from my rehearsal going later than I thought, then he seemed to have plans, then I made plans... It was a bit of a mess. But we rescheduled for 10:30 Sunday morning--a bit early for a Sunday, but what can you do?

I call at 10:30, heading over to campus (I'd left my bike there the night before and forgotten to retrieve it, so I was stuck walking), and I called asking where to meet. Well turns out he's off to breakfast, can we postpone? Grr.... But fine. I get a Jamba Juice at Cafe 84 and get to Parkside, where we're meeting, at 11:10. I call again. "You ready?" I ask. But nope. He's still eating, but he'll be done soon, he says. "Not long though, right?" I ask. "Nah, not long. Maybe.......... 15 minutes, just to be safe?"

At this point it's almost an hour after we were originally supposed to meet up. And I'm called at 2pm. And I have paperwork to fill out, work to do... But what can I do? So I wait. He gets done and we work on the project. It's due by 10pm, which means we have to be done before I go to tech. It's just not an option. I try to hurry us along, but it's pretty slow going. By the time we're done with my stuff (we arrange it so I can get out of there ASAP) it's 1:30 and I have barely enough time to run home, grab my computer and homework as well as some food, and dash back to the Massman.

I shouldn't have worried. They weren't done yet. I went with a friend to grab more food, since my tiny Hot Pocket wasn't quite enough food for my late lunch. I get a Lunchable from the Lot, hehe! We go back to the DRC and wait.

And wait and wait and wait.

It's 5 o'clock when our director tells us there was an electrical issue of some sort and we can go get dinner for an hour. That was three long hours of waiting... Yikes! We're dying to get away from the DRC, so a few of us go to the Urth Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. It's pretty good, although they wouldn't give me a sandwich plain so I had to scoop off cabbage and sauce. It's tasty, though not my personal cup of tea. We drive back and wait around a while longer. We finally start the cue to cue at 7pm.

Our original plan? Cue to cue from 2-6, an hour for dinner, then a dress run at 7pm. Oops. That's live theater for you!

The cue to cue takes until 11pm. It's long, slow, and pretty boring, especially since there's a lot of things that need to be fixed in the placements of the lights, but which can't be done until tomorrow. But it was still amusing. I had my computer, so there was a source of constant amusement, and people started getting a little loopy and telling all kinds of silly jokes.

For being stuck in a tiny black box of a theatre for nine hours, it wasn't too terrible. Not that I'd want to be there in that situation again. But it could be a lot worse.

And tomorrow, we get to go right back there again! Maybe this time we'll actually get through the show though, hehe!

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