Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don't think "busy" quite covers it...

Just a quick update, because I don't have the time-or energy-to get too detailed.

CAP21 is keeping me super busy! Our teachers keep emphasizing how crazy this program, and they aren't kidding. We're in class from 10-6 every day, and then I'm often staying a little late for rehearsals, and then grabbing dinner... needless to say, I'm often not back until 8pm or later. And then practicing and memorizing etc... It's crazy! But an awesome fun. The staff is amazing and know everything and everybody! And New York is seriously the center for all things theatre-related. I didn't realize how different it would be from LA, comparing theatre to film and things like that. It'll be weird to go back...

But anyway, today we had tap class (which is the biggest workout ever. I can get through ballet and jazz pretty easily, but after tap my heart's beating so fast!) Though I can also prove that I'm getting stronger: the first day, we, as a class, barely had the energy to get through the beginning warm-up of shuffles and flaps. Now, it's pretty easy! (I'm NOT saying that I'm doing it right though... But it's getting easier!)

Vocal tech is a great class, even though I seem to have a coughing fit every time we have that class. Our teacher does a great job of working with each individual. I feel like I'm learning so much in that class, even though I'm not 100% sure exactly what I'm learning. I just know I'm learning something!

We're starting new songs in vocal performance. My next piece is "It's a Perfect Relationship" from Bells are Ringing. I decided I wanted to work on something comedic and fun, especially since all my pieces lately have been really dark and intense. I want to make this song funny, but I have to do it in a way that makes it organic and not forced!

And for acting, we had our final performances of our first set of scenes. I was doing a scene from Mary Stuart, in which I played Elizabeth I. It's such an intense scene, but our last performance of it went pretty well!! We had been rehearsing outdoors in the park, since that's where the scene takes place, so doing the performance indoors was almost jarringly different. But I'm pleased with our final performance. And I think our teacher was pleased. She said we had lots of vocal dynamics and acted on the line, which is good for scenes like these, which are very wordy and flowery. It's the kind of thing we'd need to do for Shakespeare, which I'm assuming people know better than Mary Stuart! =) Anyway, now that I've finished that scene, I'm excited to see it on Broadway. I've heard amazing things about that production.

After classes we went to the Drama Bookshop and I got a couple of plays--the script for my next scene and a play adaptation of The Joy Luck Club. I can play a Chinese girl... right? =) I figure that'll be a good thing to have. And I liked the book! But I really like that store. It's filled to the brim with plays and sheet music collections and other books about acting and productions. Too bad they close at 7 each night... seems so early!

Anyway, I must now go to sleep. Or pick a song to use for my Audition tech class. We'll see...

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