Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First 2 Days of Class

First two days of class, and I'm already exhausted. It's going to be a loooong summer... a good long though!

Vocal Tech: basically all about the technique of singing. It's a small class, only 8 of us, which is nice. It wasn't superbly exciting, but I feel like it's going to be extremely useful, especially for stuff that I'm not sure if I'm singing correctly or not. She actually told me that I was one of the few who was using breath correctly for belting, which was exciting, but obviously I can do more. The weirdest part for that class is the stuff she asked us to bring in--gauze, a mini-flashlight, and a small mirror. I found gauze and a mirror at the drugstore yesterday, but I'm still looking for the flashlight...

Tap 3: Somehow I got into Tap 3 (there are 4 levels total for the dance classes), so I'm glad I went to the placement for that class. I have it with Sophie, and OHMYGOODNESS after only one class I was totally exhausted and all shiny with lovely sweat. It's such a workout. We pretty much spent 45 minutes straight tapping a variety of combinations across the floor. And tomorrow we work on timesteps and learn the beginning of 42nd Street. This is, so far, definitely the hardest class. But it's kind of fun too. (Yay!)

Vocal Performance: So far, it's a lot like Parmer's class during the year--acting out the song, using his 10 Basic Questions (or "The One" and "The Two", as we did with Parmer) to create circumstances for ourselves. I've been assigned to work on "Someone to Watch Over Me," which I've already sung (for Parmer's class, actually!), but I like it so I don't mind.

Acting: It was very interesting. We talked a lot about ourselves and our training, then did a yoga-based warm-up to center ourselves. After that, a few people went up and did some basic improvs. I'm not sure how I feel about this class yet, but once we get our scene assignments I think I'll be more excited. It just seems a lot like what I've done in Acting 101 and 252ab, which is great repetition of the techniques, so that's good. And the strange thing is, this and my Vocal Performance class, as well as Musical Scene Study, is the same group of people--all girls. Not one guy. Sophie and Rachel are both in it with me. Everyone seems pretty friendly, so it should be good. I'm looking forward to working together!

That was yesterday. Today, we started with Ballet. The teacher called me out on not wearing a leotard and tights (but of course, the only leotard I have right now is skin tone and back at home! So I'm making a Capezio's run this weekend... When my mom comes to visit. She gets to pay for me, hehehe!!). She said she was treating it like a complete beginner class (and it's level 2). At first I thought, well I've taken ballet, so what's the point? But it's good because we're all on the same page, and she's very specific about how she wants the technique. And she was helping me, giving adjustments, but in a positive manner. So as much as I love ballet (....) I'm actually looking forward to working the form. It seems like it's going to be a legit class, unlike so many of the ballet classes I've taken before.

Jazz 2: We also did a long introduction about ourselves, then did a long warm up (which included both push ups and sit ups--ick!) and a few across-the-floors. That class seems really friendly, and everyone seemed nice. We also reviewed our audition routine.

Musical Scene Study: I was particularly looking forward to this class, because I want to work on acting that is bigger than the acting I'm working on at USC. And it's cool, because it sounds like we'll be doing the scenes into songs, possibly duets with others. Our teacher is super friendly and nice, and I really liked her. We all did selections from classical musicals to "introduce" our voices. I had Cain't Say No and Mister Snow both ready... Then when someone didn't have a contemporary song ready, she had them do part of Cain't Say No! Of course. But they stopped right where my cut began, so I thought it was an appropriate transition. And then, when I mentioned I had a soprano range too, she had me sing the last page of Mister Snow, just to show off the high notes. So we'll see what I'm assigned for that class. I really liked it though, and I'm excited for that class.

Business of Theatre: The required class about things all working actors should know: about agencies, management, Equity, networking, and more. Boring stuff, but extremely important things to know. A lot of things we mentioned today sounded familiar, because of the books I've read and that event that TSA put on end of last semester, where a casting director came in and gave a lot of information. But a lot of the stuff I don't know, so while I'm not excited for it, I'm really glad it's offered.

And that's it for classes! I spent yesterday evening running errands, on foot (owie!!), and tonight I relaxed, watched TV, attempted to buy a mini-flashlight but failed... I went to Washington Square Park, since it's literally just outside the building, and watched some guys play chess. It's amazing how fast they were moving those chess pieces, and watching them think! I felt like I was in that old Pixar short film, except way cooler. And the people watching were pretty friendly, because a few people had questions and some other people answered them, no sweat. I know nothing about chess, so I had nothing to say. Then I sat by the fountain and read on a park bench for about half an hour, until it got too cold, and I went back to the dorm. On the way in I saw some people watching So You Think You Can Dance, so I joined them, which was entertaining. I think there was more conversation about the show than actually watching it, but it was cool. And one girl I met is taking another acting conservatory in NYC, which was cool, and she's roommates with someone in my program! And then I came up here, and wrote this out.

Now it is time for me to do my homework for tomorrow (yes, homework. I'm back at school, I swear! We get a syllabus and assignments and everything) and figure out the recording device I bought last night. Bye all!

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