Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Theater Community is Small

Today I had a lunch date with one of my favorite people after her rehearsal :). I was driving over to meet her when she texted me, letting me know that some of her castmates were going to join us. No problemo, except that I was slightly nervous about grabbing lunch with my one friend and a whole bunch of people I don't know.

I mean, getting to know new people! Yay! (I guess.)

Except I get there and see the five people there. My friend, obviously. A friend who I did theater with in high school. A girl who I've seen on auditions. And two others, both who turned out to be wonderful people!

Moral of the story: theater community is small. (No duh Katherine.)


  1. That's so nice. And it's lovely that someone as young as you (yes, I'm a crusty old fart), recognises these serendipitous things in life!

  2. Once, after a Disney audition in LA, I need to jump-start my car. I waved down another girl from the audition, who turned out to be originally from Santa Clara and had just moved down to LA. What were the odds of meeting another Bay Area person at the same audition in LA??