Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday, Friday...

How is it Friday already? This week has just flown by. You'd think the week after spring break would drag endlessly, but I just got back in the crazy swing of things and BOOM already am at the end of the week, with a ton of work to do and a very full weekend ahead of me.

Just for kicks, here's a schedule of the week I've had:

-1st Recital Choir rehearsal
-Catching up on sleep!! Hello jet lag!

-4 classes
-Lots of networking and making plans

-One class
-Met with an acting professor to discuss life post-graduation
-Voice lesson
-Saw Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages!
-Took TWO HOURS to drive from USC to the Pantages... LA drivers just can't handle rain.

-Interviewed someone for HerCampus
-Four classes
-One midterm
-Rehearsal for class
-Rehearsal for a show I'm working on

-JEP teaching
-2nd recital choir rehearsal
-Recording music for film I'm working on
-Seeing Much Ado About Nothing at USC

-JEP Training
-Building props and stuff for my Theatre for Youth class/show

-An audition

Ok, so listed out, that doesn't sound too terrible. But if I were to list out the timetables and the hours I spent at each various thing... It'd just be a completely different story.

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