Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's late, and I should be going to bed, but I felt like writing a quick update before heading to the land of counting sheep. (That... didn't make much sense.)

Admittedly, it's not really that late, but I've got an early(ish) call time tomorrow so I need to get some sleep!

That's right. Early call time. As in, Katherine needs to get on a set to ACT tomorrow! Granted, the set is a random field on USC's campus, the film is for an introduction to film class, and I won't be speaking anything in this silent film, but who cares? I can't complain.

That's a lie. I'll complain a little. But only that the call time is 9am. Which really isn't that early, but on a Saturday morning, it's rather unfortunate. My roommate told me that I'd be getting karma points for doing the film.

I said I didn't want karma points, I'd rather have sleep.

But despite my whining, I really am excited. I'm going to be a goth girl, which should be fun. Also means I need to go through my closet before I go to sleep and find my black clothes. Which are all CLEAN!

Yes. It's true. Five weeks into her last semester in college, Katherine did her first load of laundry of the year. Yep. I'm not what that means about me--I never thought I had that many clothes, but clearly I was wrong. I put it off for as long as humanly possible, but it got to the point where I literally had nothing to wear. But now I do.

Guess what other annoying task I completed today? That's right, grocery shopping. This I've had to do multiple times this year--I'm not quite as skilled at putting off this particular task--but I'll say it's because I eat food far more often than I change clothes. Which is true. I change twice a day minimum, while I eat... actually, I don't know exactly how many times in a day. Two/three meals (though usually I skip breakfast) and oodles of snacks. And now I have food to eat! I love food. I'd die without it. (Literally.)

Also had an audition for a dance-company today, which was definitely an experience. I've never auditioned for a show without doing any sort of speaking, but we were silent. It was actually an interesting little learning experience. Right now, I'm treating each audition as a chance to learn a little more. Doing auditions that aren't for school but are for other things is refreshing. Don't see the same people, don't worry about having repeated material, and learning from each experience. It's fun! And if I get a callback, awesome. If not, I'm not sweating it.

(It's true! For once, I'm not checking the phone every ten seconds to see if they call. Mostly because I don't feel like I was a good fit, and I don't see myself fitting into the styles that these various shows are looking for. For once, I'm looking at what they're looking for and starting to be able to see objectively whether I'd be the right type for each particular project. I'm not sure I was able to make these kinds of judgments a year ago.)

Then tonight, I joined my roommate in watching the third season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I've never seen the show before but heard it was good. And I enjoyed it! Clearly, since we managed to finish the entire season in one evening. (OK, OK--the season's only 8 episodes long. And they're 24-minute episodes. Your point??) It was fun and clever and cute and a teeny-bit scandalous (and by teeny-bit, I mean a LOT bit), and it was nice to hang out and just relax. I feel like it's been a while since I've been able to do that.

And I won't be able to in the next few days either. Tomorrow's filming the student film, and an audition in the evening. Sunday I'm spending the day watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice for Valentine's Day, and maybe finishing the filming if we don't finish it Saturday. And I have a sonnet to analyze and learn for Shakespeare class, a play to read for class, a scene to read over and work on for another friend's film, need to work on finding a place to print/retouch headshots, reading for two other science-based classes, and I just got some new Netflix DVDs that I want to see (RED and the first 4 episodes of Castle, season 1).

Actually, maybe it's a good thing I have an early call time tomorrow. Means I'll probably be able to get more done!

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