Saturday, January 29, 2011

Late-Night Recap

It's late and I need to be up early tomorrow morning for a 10am training session (gonna learn how to teach kidlets about yoga and stress management! yay!), but today was awesome and I want to write it all down really quick.

1) Theater for Youth class went really well. I managed to stay awake and functional for the class, which doesn't always happen 9am on a Friday. We had to bring in adaptations of stories/poems/etc. I wrote up a script adaptation of a poem I've discovered and it was well received! Got ideas for edits, and I'm really excited to fix it up and make it work even better. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy writing, especially writing creatively. Paper-writing doesn't count!

2) Lunch with a friend, which was very fun. I gave her a present and she loved it! See, she's in the play Anna Karenina this semester. I have a book called "Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float," which gives Facebook-style synopsis's of classic literature, and one of the books in there is Anna Karenina. So I photocopied those pages and gave them over. She loved it. It was awesome.

3) Watched a bit of an improv show. Haven't watched those since freshman year! They were very funny. And it was amazing to see the changes in the group since freshman year. I mean, obviously, it's been three years. But it was fun. And then I decided to enjoy a watermelon-flavored Popsicle, which I haven't had since teaching Theatre in the Park the summer before last. But it was so warm and sunny! Popsicle was an excellent choice.

4) Took a nap and went to the gym. Not the most exciting, but refreshing and healthy.

5) Got student rush tickets to see Noises Off at A Noise Within, a classical theatre company in Glendale. The show was hilarious! I've tried to read the play before but it didn't make sense to me. Seeing it was a totally different experience: it's a farce, so it was very physical and ridiculous. I sometimes have a hard time watching farces--I actually get mentally exhausted from laughing! But I didn't have an issue with Noises Off. And the second act was absolutely brilliant. It's stunning how much of a story you can tell without dialogue.

Noises Off, just so you know, is a show-within-a-show. The first act is the show's last dress rehearsal before opening, act two is backstage at one of the performances, and act three is the actual performance of the show late in its run. It was hilarious to see the "actors" and watch the performance process crumble. And for act two, they completely turned the set around so it really looked as though it was backstage! It was incredibly cool. I had a lot of fun. And only $20, which is always a plus.

6) A Noise Within is in the Glendale Americana, which seems to be a huge outdoor mall, much like The Grove--outdoors, spacious, great selections of stores and really beautiful. They have a Barnes and Noble! I love bookstores! I didn't stop by though--it was getting too late. I did, however, buy a couple of cupcakes from Crumbs! So yummy....

7) I ate the cupcakes when I got home and popped in an old Netflix DVD. It's taken me two months, but I finally got around to watching The Time Traveler's Wife! I loved it. Ironic, because I didn't much care for the book, but now I really want to read it again. I thought it told the story beautifully, it was sweet and romantic, and was absolutely captivating. Sometimes I have a short attention span with movies, but this movie flew right by. I definitely recommend it!

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