Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Final Left

In 24 hours I will be totally done with the semester! Hooray!

In actuality, it's less than 24 hours. Technically it'll be about 16, since I'm done by 4pm tomorrow. But saying that it's 24 hours gives it a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Anyway, just finished watching NBC's The Sing-Off, featuring "The Socals," aka alumni of the Socal Vocals. It was rather surreal, watching them sing their classic "Somebody to Love," because I've seen it a good number of times now and I know (by face, not personally) a few of the members. It's awesome though, seeing USC a cappella on the television! They better win. I bet they'll do well, they're from such a good group that they HAVE to do well!! And even though I'm not actually in Socal Vocals and I don't know any of them well, I'm kind of proud of them! YAY USC A CAPPELLA!!! I guarantee that's what I'm watching tomorrow night. =)

In other news, I finally finished all my work for my Chinese class. I finished the online speaking, reading and listening exercises yesterday, and today just had to record a video on Youtube/Facebook of me speaking 50 lines in Chinese--no reading. We got to do whatever we wanted though. I had no idea what to talk about for 50 lines, let alone memorize! But then I had the oh-so-brilliant (hah) idea for a puppet show, starring--you guessed it--my lovely stuffed animals Steak and Bacon!

Steak was renamed "Little Purple" and Bacon's his love interest, "Little Red." I wrote up a silly script, forced in some grammar and ta da! Created the video. No reading necessary! And the cool part was that some of my classmates made comments:

yayy katherine! have you been using your chinesee during finals?! haha it sounds really good. :)

This made me happy. My Chinese usually sucks because I have no idea what I'm saying. But by forcing myself to rehearse this little story of Little Purple and Little Red, I actually had a tiny idea what I was talking about! Hooray!

The other comment:

hahaha! i love it!

Silly stuff, but hey, it made me happy. The fact that anyone actually watched it other than my teacher, and didn't think it was RIDICULOUSLY stupid (just mostly stupid, hehe!) makes me smile. And yes, I did make mistakes--I think I said they danced for two years instead of two hours--but so be it!

Time to reread Uncle Vanya again. Last chance to reread it before the final tomorrow! And then... I'M DONE!!! YAY!

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