Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Goals

  1. Learn, grow, and become an even better singer/dancer/actor at CAP21. And, by the end of the 6 weeks, be not only a stronger performer, but have an idea if I'd like to live in New York. And learn the subway system without getting lost 24/7. (Believe it or not, it's the second two parts that I'm worried about! haha.)
  2. Play more guitar. I want it to be something I enjoy again, instead of merely something that takes up space. I don't want to be fantastic, I just want to be decent!
  3. Don't lose all my Chinese. This means reviewing all my flashcards, rewriting my notes (I had the worst notebook this semester, and I'm planning on moving it all to a new one), maybe listening to some Mandarin podcasts...
  4. Finally finish that Picaboo album with my pictures and journal entries from my Europe trip. The trip was 3 years ago. I seriously need to finish it!
  5. Ride my bike more. (Technically speaking, my mom's bike. Mine's still at USC.) I need the exercise, and it'll be good to get fresh air.
  6. Get on an earlier sleep schedule. Right now, that's not looking to promising, considering it's almost 2am and I'm nowhere close to being ready for bed.
  7. Get started on being an awesome KP Business Manager. That means getting things organized, schedules collected, and maybe a gig or two ready.
  8. Blog more. Obviously I'm working on that now. ;) But I'll probably keep this up for CAP21 too!
  9. Get lots of audition material ready. This means monologues (I desperately need new ones) and contemporary, pop-style music (Eden Espinosa style, anyone?) that show off my belt voice.
  10. Read lots of books and scripts, listen to lots of Broadway soundtracks, and keep my mind moving. I can't afford another summer where all I do is sit and watch TV. This summer is possibly the busiest summer I've ever had (CAP21, teaching theatre classes and camps and making money, living in NY...), and it's going to be fantastic. I'm so excited, and I'm going to avoid being bored as much as possible!
  11. [Bonus Goal] Keep better connected with my friends! I'm not so good at keeping in contact, but I don't like that. I'm going to try to keep in contact with my USC friends better, and not lose touch with high school/PYT friends, as much as possible.

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